Saturday, October 24, 2009


We got home around midnight. When we got there we were approached by a nurse and asked if either one of us was having "flu like symptoms". I said no, that he had an accident and they took one look at his face and off we went. We hardly made it through the double doors before we were "whisked" away to trauma. We were greeted by a team of doctors and nurses as they stripped Christian down and hooked up him up to the machines. In the bed next to him was a man with a head wound, there was blood pouring down his head...

They put a neck brace on him and checked his eyes, lips, nose and ears. Oh, the second they out him in the bed he started to well up and reached out for my hand! After 10 minutes of being in Trauma, they determined that he was "okay" and could be moved to the Observation to be monitored. We were in there for a little over an hour and he did fine. He kept asking to take off the "stickers" and I kept telling him that he had to wait until we were done. Well, he got down from the bed and walked across the hall to the nurses station, found his nurse and said "excuse me, stickers off." He walked Christian back to the room and took off one of them. Christian then took the other four off himself.

When we were finally discharged he grabbed his blanket and truck and walked out of the room, through the hospital, out the emergency room and to the parking garage all by himself. I guess he was fine after all!

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