Monday, September 21, 2009

Single Parenthood

What a weekend. After work was the 1st annual Car show at the shopping center where I work. The turn out was just awesome. Better then we had planned for. I stayed to help set up and get things started but had to leave at 3:45 because I got a call from Alicia…She said she twisted her foot and was in a lot of pain.

Jamie, who used to own the house we live in, took Alicia to the hospital while Tina, our neighbor, watched the boys until I got home. Jamie stayed with Alicia the whole time…see, we don’t really know Jamie that well, just that we bought her house, she has two kids and a husband. So, we told her she didn’t have to stay with her and that I’ll get her when she’s done, but she stayed and kept Alicia company.

Meanwhile the neighbors were having a birthday party so the boys were over there. Christian was playing on the moon bounce and Jackson was sleeping. Alicia was at the hospital for maybe 2 hours (what a surprise for an ER visit). She came home in a boot and crutches…she fractured her foot from her pinky toe to almost her heel! And from one step! Its funny but not.

Sunday it was just the boys and I from 9:30am until 8pm. We’ve been having problems with Christian taking naps, he hasn’t been for about a week so in the morning we went and bought blackout curtains. That worked. The sun sets in the back of the house where his room is so…We went to the park for a little, played games, made a cake and dinner. It was actually a good day.

Just a few more days and Alicia and I are going on our little weekend getaway!

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