Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet the Burns Family

We both thought that Friday was the day….it wasn’t. The baby is definitely a Burns, it’s stubborn! I left work at 12:15 to go to the hospital. Alicia’s mom came up too to keep an eye on Christian in case this was it. They hooked her up and saw that she was contracting, but not dilating. Her blood pressure was all over the place, either too low or too high. They discharged her because she wasn’t in active labor and told her if the contractions get closer together, come back again….The hospital is just a big headache!

Alicia’s mom came back to our house and stayed for a little bit. We had pizza for dinner and she left WITH Christian. It was very helpful, in case Alicia went back to the hospital and it was “time” and also because we still had a few projects/cleaning to do before the baby comes. We were able to get the basement cleaned and organized, the carpet cleaned, kitchen clean, backyard mowed, living and dinning room cleaned and laundry.

Alicia and I still slept in separate beds still…but we woke up around 7 and got to be lazy! We did have a nice day without Christian. I took Alicia shopping for new clothes at Old Navy, the clearance section! Lol She needed new clothes because she only wears the same jeans and same three stretched out shirts….she got some for now and some for later. We also took a 2 mile walk around Wernersville to try and jump start the contractions…nothing.

Christian and Alicia’s mom came back up for the Reading Phillies game, we got the tickets through work. We thought by going to the game it would help move along the contractions. Christian had a great time and seemed to understand what was going on. Got to see a few friends from work there…some I haven’t seen in a while. We stayed at the game for about 2 hours before we left. He was still awake and being so good so we decided to take him to the Ice Cream House and get some ice cream. Alicia’s mom left at 9:30 and Christian was in bed by 10, he was good and we missed him so we let him stay up well past his bed time.

For Mothers day we took Christian to Mohnton Park, everyone keeps talking about how great the park is. It was just like Kids Castle. Christian was over stimulated with things to do! He would play with one thing for a few minutes and run to the next thing…Alicia got the best Mothers Day gift EVER. She got a job! She went on Friday morning for an interview and starts July 1st. It’s a home daycare and the baby can go there for free! Its not the best paying job but it’s a job and she can help out financially.

Lastly, the Reading Eagle came out on Sunday, it’s the one that we are in! There are a few pictures and the survey we did! Check it out, either go to:

or you can click on the title of the blog.

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Brittany said...

Having been pregnant with the most stubborn child in the world, between hospitalizations and the NICU,Im guessing you're having a girl. They like to give you a run for your money, especially in the last couple weeks.