Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8 Days

Were about a week away. There is still a lot we need to get done. Well, not really. Just things I want to get done before the baby comes home. Its like our nesting button broke. Neither one of us has the energy to clean. We need to clean the basement, at least.

We've been trying this new routine with Christian. He's been having a hard time at bed time, he doesnt sleep although he is tired. We do our normal bed time routine at 7:30. He doesnt fall asleep until 8:30-9! So we've tried this new routine where he takes his nap now at 10:30-11 instead of 12 and either wakes up or we wake him up at 2. That extra hour seems to make a difference. The few nights we've done it he's fallen asleep within a half hour! And the added bonus? His room has been clean every morning, usually its destroyed because he plays, but its been spotless! Hopefully this works. He still wakes up at 6 am though!

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