Monday, May 25, 2009

It been a week since I last posted....and I dont have new pics!

A lot can happen in just a week....I'll start at Jackson's Dr. appt. Jackson is healthy and doing well. His weight as of last tuesday was 6lbs and 15oz. His dr. said she isnt concerned about his weight. He goes back this friday morning for a follow up.

As most of you know and have seen, Alicia, Christian and I were on NBC news last Wednesday. We went down to the ice cream house to play on the train and have some ice cream and NBC 10 was there. They did a segment on Jon & Kate and the drama surrounding them. If you have seen the video, click on the title of this blog to view it. First we were in the paper, then on tv, now we need to move to Hollywood and take our!

Christian is doing much better with Jackson and is "playing" with him more. He asks to hold him and when Jackson is laying on his play mat Christian will get down there with him and play. Jackson is doing really good too, Alicia went to the concert with my mom on Friday instead of me...she really needed a night out to just have fun. I stayed home with Jackson and her mom slept over our house. He got up every 2 hours, eat for 3o minutes and went right back to sleep. He's really alert and loves being outside, it seems to reall calm him.

On Saturday morning we went to a parade in Wyomissing and I took Christian to one this morning. Just one more week at home before I go back to work...and in just a 4 short weeks my dad is coming out! Cant wait!

I promise to upload new pics as soon as I can....I just havent put them on the computer yet....

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