Friday, February 20, 2009

Teller Session

Got our taxes done! Now we wait until the money comes...Alicia and I decided last night that we will not be going back to H&R Block anymore. For starters, the fee's are very high. Last year we paid about $900 for Alicia and I, that may be because we had to file in Arizona and PA but still....this year the fee was $250. The second reason we wont be going back is because the agent didnt include in our return the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit. We had to ask her for it! I thought their job was to get us the maxium amount back? And when we said something about it she seemed to try and talk us out of it. One of the biggest reason we decided to buy a house now is to get that credit...and lastly, the office is too far away.

Alicia is doing really well so far! No problems or concerns. She's about 27 weeks now. We are taking Christian to a class at the Reading Memorial Hospital on May 2nd. Its about becoming a big brother and they have activities and snacks. Hopefully he'll like it!

Christian is doing really well with potty training. I have heard a few stories about how he refuses to go at other peoples houses but....he wakes up in the morning with a dry pull up, he knows when he has to go and he will. Were having a little trouble with pooping but were trying! He's really enjoying the time with Alicia at home. They go to the library for story hour every Wednesday and when the weather is okay they go to the park or play in the back yard. He's doing really well with his numbers and colors. Not so much the Alphabet!

Work is still that, work. Everyone feels the same way. I have off this weekend and next weekend. Its going to be nice. Spend time with Alicia, Christian and KC.

I just read two interesting things. The first article was about a proposed plan to put a SEPTA train service from Norristown to Wyomissing with a few stops in between. The only downside is that they proposed to make 422 a toll road and charge $2 each way. The article stressed that its just an idea and there are no plans yet to do it. The other article I read was about the stimulus package, more specifically the homebuyer credit. It said that the amount you can recieve is $8000 but you dont have to pay it back...I wonder about that...

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