Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got to Sleep in!

Christian was so nice to us this morning. He let us sleep in until 8AM!! How nice of him…except, when we woke up he destroyed the bathroom and almost broke Alicia's glasses. Ripped apart a necklace and sprayed anti itch spray all over himself and his room. He pulled out every book in his room and took off all his sheets from his bed….so while we got to sleep in until 8 we paid for it in the end.

What a great start to our Sunday.

Christians party went well, it was a little embarrassing at first because only 2 kids were there but at least those 2 showed up! Christian had a blast and loved having his 2 friends there….its a shame that the other parents didnt RSVP, but oh well, their loss.

We started his day at the Red Plate Diner for Breakfast with Santa! Then went to his party at the Hands on House in Lancaster. Here’s a link for pics! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he had a good birthday! We would've have loved to come. Hope all is well with you guys

Anonymous said...

My phone psted that as anon.but its Brittany lol