Monday, October 11, 2010

Its been a long 3 days....Alicia and I are off for the week because on Thursday were going to Washington DC! We've been spending a lot of time with the boys and doing things with them. Aside from that we've also been cleaning the house, organizing and LAUNDRY. Today we took the boys to the Hands On House, Alicia has never been but I've taken the boys numerous times. We finally got the Family membership, its cheaper that way in the long run. This was Jackson's first time there since he's been walking and he had a blast! He had a great time in the Make Believe area....Christian, always does!

Besides today we've been playing in backyard with the boys, the basement, the park...Alicia's mom came down on Saturday Morning and her boyfriend cleaned our Chimney. Sunday we went to meet up with Cathleen and her boys at the Souderton Park. Its been a while since we've seen the boys! Afterwards we went to my grandparents house for Laurens Graduation Party! Pretty much everyone in the family was there. It was nice to have everyone together again.

So I cant say its been a boring few days off. Its been crazy and we still have 2 more days until our trip! Tomorrow is Christians dentist appt in Harrisburg and then Wednesday is Pictures with Lauren Little! Here's her website:

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